Listening Test

My close friends would describe me as a responsive listener. *

When ­people are upset with me, I am able to listen to them without being defensive. *

I listen not only to the words ­people say but also to the feelings behind their words and their body language. *

I have little interest in judging other people or quickly giving my opinion to them. *

I am able to validate another person’s feelings with empathy. *

I am aware of my defensive mechanisms in stressful conversations (e.g. appeasing, ignoring, blaming, distracting). *

I am profoundly aware of how the family I was raised in has shaped my present listening style. *

I ask for clarification when listening rather than “fill in the blanks” or make assumptions. *

I ­don’t interrupt to get my point across when another is speaking. *

I give people my undivided attention when they are talking to me. *

Your Score: {{var_score}}

If you answered YES for 8 to 10 statements, you are an outstanding listener. If you answered YES for 6-7, you are very good; 4 – 5, good; 3 or fewer, poor — “you are in trouble.”

If you want to be really brave ask your spouse or someone close to you to rate you as a listener. You may be surprised.

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